Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Traditions

We are both extremely thankful to our parents for all of the wonderful holiday traditions they carried on throughout our youth. (EDIT: throughout our youth??? Did I really type that and no one called me out on it?!)
They have led to many awesome, and hilarious stories.
This year, we started what I think will definitely turn into a tradition.

Homemade sugar cookie dough,
Chilled for two hours, and ready for rolling out.
[Didn't know until I made these how temperamental cookie dough can be!]

Pretending I know what I'm doing

The first batch

"Quit peeking!"

Always a little time left over to torture the cat

And, the Finished Product:

We had a blast.
But, I do have to say that I definitely missed the chaos of having kiddo's getting icing everywhere, spilling sprinkles, and eating more cookies then decorating! I didn't realize how much their laughter and joy can 'make the moment'. Guess I'll have to make some more and take them to my sisters' house to make a mess! :)


Corinne said...

First of all, you are adorable!

Second, I'm so glad you carried on this tradition with Mark (and I'm way impressed at the homemade cookie dough...I would have used pre-made because I'm lazy).

Third, I'm still laughing at Russell with a hanger over his head. I heart that cat. Seriously.
You must come over and decorate more cookies with the kiddos! We have a HUGE bucket of stuff and they would love it!

I love you. (and Mark) (and Russell)


Brooke said...

Or you could have nine kids and let them make a mess.

I am lazy too. . . you get the Suzie Homemaker crown today :)