Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Heart Christmas

I also heart posting ridiculous amounts of photos into one post.
Enjoy :)

Some would say this tree is at fault for Mark and I falling in love!

New to Me Ornaments:

I picked the hot air balloon with Santa for Obvious reasons.
When Mark saw it he was all "Yah, cool. But why do you have an Atlanta Braves ornament?"
And I was all, "My Dad is totally going to disown you."
(It's a Cleveland Indians ornament!!)

The 2009 Penguin

A Santa my Grandma Taylor made


Due to some downsizing, I made out with the below vase for Free.
Unfortunately, it's just been sitting empty in a corner because I have had NO clue what do do with it.

This can obviously only work for Christmas, but I love all the colors!

Growing up we Always had a real Christmas tree.
And it just never feels like Christmas without that smell.
So, Mark brought home this beautiful door hanger, as well as a wreath for over the fireplace.

He knows the way to my Heart. :)

It's just not Christmas unless you get a few prizes for yourself.
These were STEALS.

I paid a dollar for two of these at Goodwill.
Perfect for our keys, or all those bobby pins I lose to the vacuum!

A beautiful 'breakfast tray', hand painted, $10
Had the circle glass laying around, waiting to be used.
Awesome Green Vase, $5

The three will most likely become a makeshift side table.

Wrapping it up!!

I made my own gift tags this year...

So simple, and So cheap!

In fact, I liked them so much, I framed one.

all you need is love


Corinne said...

and who said you weren't the crafty one??? I love you. And clearly I need to hear this Christmas tree story. Picking up kids after school, have them until Sunday. Just letting you know.

ALL my love.
your medium sister

American in Norway said...

At least someone is in the SPIRIT..(I am really trying!: )

THanks for popping by today!