Monday, December 21, 2009

Katie & Jason, December 19, 2009

TJ's family is beyond-words special to us. Our journey with him did not end when he left this world, and we are so thankful that it led us to know his family. They were so kind as to invite us to the wedding of Katie (TJ's sister) and Jason. And while I don't have any pictures from the wedding itself, I did manage to capture a few moments with our friends Nate and Sarah.  They recently returned to Kentucky from Moab, Utah. We missed them very much and will be taking advantage of the fact that they now live 'only' 5-6 hours away instead of a day or two. :)

All dressed up, and unknowingly running LATE!!

I have some seriously weird looking knees.
I'm okay with this.
And why does hotel carpet have to be so ugly?

Nate, our remaining Ginger

Sarah and I

awwe :)

Proving that I can get all four of us into a picture!

Learning to laugh at myself
At my supreme dorkiness (of which I am almost proud)
and at my almost obsessive need to photographically document as much as possible.

There was a lot of this weekend that did not get documented.
Mark and I walking in late to the wedding
(a lovely story to maybe be told later, haha),
Dancing at the reception,
Lots and lots of champagne,
Breakfast the next morning at one of TJ's favorite buffets,
The Cake Party at Katie and Jason's new house.
Sometimes, it doesn't feel right to walk around with the camera attached to my neck.
Sometimes, I just have to keep the memories alive in my head, and in my heart.

Thanks to the Bartlett/Pagan family for a beautiful weekend, and beautiful memories.


mhaustralia09 said...

I, capital L o-v-e, the first picture of you and Mark.

Corinne said...

I notice a very beautiful...albeit mysterious black dress on you.... Hmm..where did you find it in such short notice?

I can tell by your grin that you had a wonderful time. I was hoping for nothing less.

You and mark are adorable.