Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh, Indiana

I choose not to use profanity on this blog.
If I did use profanity here,
you would, right now,  see a string of it in this empty space...

All due to this:
Which looks so pretty,
but is actually Dangerous, and Slick, and Scary.
This which gifts me Anxiety, and Headaches. and the general feeling of

My tire tracks from coming up the driveway at 2PM.
The condo-hood didn't get plowed until much later that evening.

Poor Blue,
She is so abused.

Well, if they weren't dead before (WHICH THEY WERE, [in no small part thanks to me]),
they are now!!

1 comment:

Corinne said...

The condo-hood! Ha Ha! You are so funny. Snow makes me anxious, too...extremely actually. It's the only time that I'm glad I drive a stick..easier to slow down without using the actual brake.

(don't worry...none of us have green thumbs...I think it's genetic).

Love you.