Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Thousand and Ninety Five Days

On January 5th, Mark and I celebrated our 1,095th day.
We aren't really big on 'anniversaries', 
but we do always try to do something special in 
Celebration of Us. 

This year, he surprised me by bringing home some incredible food.
He then took care of ALL cooking of said incredible food.
 not that I really needed a reminder but dude,
my boyfriend is Awesome.

Crab, and King Crab at that!
[p.s. Still on major sale at Kroger!]



yah, I chopped the real wood on that fire

Baked Potato, Bacon wrapped Steak, and Crab
So Spoiled

Blissed out

My Man in the Red Hat
[Also known as: Love of my Life]

Thanks for three amazing years sweetie,
I can only imagine the trouble we're going to get ourselves into this year!
Can't wait.

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Corinne said...

this is so adorably cute i just want to go find mark and give him a big hug, even though he would look at me really weird! i am jealous of your spoiled-ness. but i still love you.