Friday, February 12, 2010


If you've spoken to me recently, I'm sure you've picked up on the fact that I am a little bit addicted to this 'blogging thing'. 
I read all different types of blogs,
a lot of them 'mommy blogs'. 
I don't know what's so appealing about them.
Maybe that I want to have some rugrats of my own someday [NOT IN THE NEAR FUTURE THANK YOU],
Maybe the fact that I am 100% TERRIFIED to have some of my own someday.
Maybe mom's are just funnier, wittier, more real about things.
I don't know.
But, one of the blogs I've become addicted to is The Spohrs Are Multiplying .
And I think I know the reason this blog means so much to me.
You see, their little girl Maddie was born premature, and later tragically died of a severe respiratory infection.
At least 4 children in my family have been born premature, 1 died.
It started with my baby brother Cole, moved to my third nephew Brady, and then we faced a tragedy of our own when our precious Lily was taken from us.
Katie, and Carter followed, too early for this world. 
But my mom, my sisters, they were the perfect moms, even before their kids were born. 
They did everything right.
And STILL, their babies were born premature.
And STILL, Lily died,
tearing a gaping hole in our family, in my sister.

I am passionate about this for those reasons.
For my Mom, for Melanie, and for Corinne. 
For the miracle babies they gifted me to love,love,love.
And most of all, for Lily.

If you are pregnant, or know someone who is, or just care,
please click on the link below, and Educate yourself:

I will continue to feature links like the above.
I hope you will click on them.
I hope we can all make a difference.
I hope, most of all, that someday ALL babies will be born Healthy .


Melanie said...

Thank you for always remembering and honoring my Lily. Her seventh birthday is coming...can you believe it?

btw, I'm sick of looking at your Christmas presents. And I really wish you would come see my humble abode. I just know you will love it.

Love, your biggest sis.

Corinne said...

This post made me cry the first time I read it, and again this time.

I wasn't a perfect mom...before I had Katie, after I had Katie, or now. I still have to remind myself all the time when I look at the little scars all up and down her hands and arms, and even her feet from the IV's, that this wasn't MY fault...that I couldn't have done something better to make sure that my children were born healthy. It's a daily struggle, honestly.

I know that one day, when you are ready, you will be an awesome, incredible mom. And I can't wait to be an aunt again.

Thank you for being passionate about things that are important to you, and to your family.

I love you so much.