Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lasagna Night

Today at work, I was inspired for some reason or other to make Lasagna for dinner.

We love some good Italian food in this house, so I wanted to make an extra-fattening, ricotta cheese filled, whole bag of Italian cheese, kind of lasagna.
And, man did we succeed.
In fact, except for my fingers typing, I cannot move a muscle in my body.
Hello heart attack at 24.

The best part though, is that while this cooked:

This occurred:

Lasagna Noodle War!!!
(and after the noodle war, a full 1/2 hour search for the "missing noodle!" that never was)

Welcome to my life.
Truth be told, 
It's pretty awesome.


mhansen said...

You guys are hilarious. And awesome for always cooking up masterpieces. I need lessons. haha.

Brooke said...

Is there any other way to make lasagna? Seriously. I am coming over for dinner tomorrow.

Looks like a blast. . .