Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Linen Closet Winery, Take Two

No one seems to believe me that making wine is truly Easy.
Even I, with the help of Mark, can manage not to screw it up.

So, to prove my point
[and because I think it's fun to document]:

The Linen Closet Winery is "brewing",
Italian Pinot Grigio

Step 1
Primary Fermentation

I know it looks like a lot of words, but basically it says this:

Sanitize the materials

Pour the juice from the box you bought, into the bucket you bought. All while the cat watches intently, of course.

Add some water and stir

Test the specific gravity while you cook some crab for dinner
(still on sale at Marsh!)

Add Yeast

And settle it in the linen closet for a five-seven day nap.

To Be Continued... :)


Just a Dad said...

Can't wait to trade some wine with you! We'll enjoy it with some cheese!

mhansen said...

This is awesome.

Brooke said...

How exciting! Let me know how this turns out. I am going to get my bucket. . .

Corinne said...

I am continually amazed by you.

Love you <3