Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Art of Aunting

This article pretty much made my day:  Aunt misbehavin' is part of the job 

The text copies and pastes funky [probably a sure fire sign they would prefer I not copy and paste the text!], but I wanted to share my favorite snippet:

"I am also relatively unworried about my own chances of becoming a parent, because although aunting will never give me anything like the full course of motherhood, it does give me a wonderful, powerful -- and possibly sufficient -- taste of it. While I will never be the children's mother, I will always be their family, with all the history, complexity, and fidelity that entails. I couldn't drop them like a yoga class, a book club, or a waning friendship, even if I wanted to. I have known them forever, and they have known me.
That's it, really: We just know each other and know, as one so rarely can these days, that we will always know each other.
Plus, they are among the most interesting people I know."
-Tish Durkin, O, The Oprah Magazine  - 

You Five, are among the most interesting people I know.
I adore you.

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Corinne said...

This made my heart happy.

And for the record, I look forward to being an aunt again ;)

thank you for loving my children.
thank you for being a good aunt.