Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Okay, You Win

My [Our] cat, is not normal.
I mean this in the most loving way possible.
Most people say, after meeting Russ
"Your cat is strangely human".
And I'm all,

Fortunate for Russ he is fully aware that I ADORE him.
[I also may baby him a little bit. MAY.]
And he, being the not-normal-cat that he is,
Frequently uses this against me. 

Sometimes, he pretends he can't open the door to the garage by himself [to his litter]. But later, when Mark is around, he OWNS that door.
Other times, he will gimp down the stairs like gravity is hurting him. I will get all concerned, and five minutes later he'll be trying to play hide and seek with us, and zipping around the house like it's a race track. [Wonder who he gets that from!!!]

When I first moved in with Mark, Russ would occasionally hop up on the counter while we were cooking, or hanging out in the kitchen. 
He wanted to chill too, I got/get that, but it's still kind of gross, so we would shoo him off.
Or, we would take a picture and then shoo him off.

The other night, Mark and I are cooking / hanging out in the kitchen.
And Russ is Insisting on walking directly underneath our feet at all times.
At this point, I'm thinking it would be better if he COULD just get up on the counter and CHILL OUT.
I bring this up, and we get into a heated debate over whether or not Russ can jump that high anymore. I am absolutely, 100%, without a doubt certain that he is too old, too arthritic to be jumping much higher than the couch. 

This is where he was hanging out a few hours later.
[4 inches short of counter height]

"What was it you were saying about my arthritis?"

Once again,
I've been PLAYED.

Good thing he's so cute ;]

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mhansen said...

haha. Russ would. As Mark always says, "He can hear you!"

And whenever you want to travel out of the country, just let me know. I am so unbelievably beyond down.