Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Tenth

Today, we were sitting outside soaking up some sun and discussing the types of plants / flowers we would like to try to keep alive this year [pictures up soon over here].
We paused when we heard the distinct sound of a ladder scraping up against a tree.

Our neighbor makes the most beautiful birdhouses.

See? Awesome.
[Also, this is a house for wrens.]

I knew from chatting with him the other day, that he was planning to hang another birdhouse higher up in a tree not far from the one pictured above.
I quickly told Mark about his plan, and he jumped up and headed over to help. 

So!, like the creeper I am, I ran and got the camera and stood at our bedroom window and snuck these shots:

And later these:

[house for robbins. yay!]

They both have such good hearts.
I'm a lucky neighbor, and a lucky girlfriend.

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