Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my name is...*

*Inspired by this post over at May you live all the days of your life 

Brittany, and I was born without a center of balance.
You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

So far, my only advantage has been that I have strong bones.
My sisters and brothers,  on the other hand, have hospital records that will prove we are a bunch of klutz's. We were born with it. Swear.
Even Carter was gifted with the ability to fall from just about anything. [God bless him.]

I'm sure I could blame this on my parents, for the genes, or for not forcing me to stay in sports.
Or on that one time I was 'pushed' off those stairs and broke my arm. 
At the age of two. 
[I do use this as my excuse as to why I don't trust the left side of my body. Broke my left arm! Makes perfect sense. To me...]
Or on whatever is wrong with my inner ear that causes me to not be able to read in the car, or scuba dive to depths below 60 feet without excruciating pain.

But the truth is, I'VE NEVER REALLY TRIED.
And when you finally just TRY, just put yourself out there, and believe in yourself
Amazing things happen...

[Slacklining. Go youtube that and waste an hour of your life in awe.]

and a few of Mark, who was born with a center of balance

Go try something today that you didn't think you could do.
Surprise yourself.
It's so worth it. 


mhansen said...

a) I totally want to try this.
b) those pictures of you are really good.

I'm proud of you.

Corinne said...

First of all, have I mentioned lately that you and Mark are by FAR the coolest people I know? Well, you are. I wish I had one iota of a sense of your adventure.

Second, are correct. We were genetically born with really screwed up ligaments. People, laugh if you will, it's true. I'm utterly completely impressed that you can even stand on that thing, no less walk. I would have broken my ankle the first time fo-sho.

and, i second mara. you take bombass pictures.