Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday - Picture Post

Thursday was a good day. A very good day.

Thursday, after work, I went over to my sister's house, where I knew two little munchkins would be waiting to play. 

Sidenote: I am so unbelievably lucky that her new house is just minutes from my and Mark's place. (is that correct grammar?) I can now go visit my sister, and/or my niece and nephew pretty much whenever I feel like it.
[Not so fortunate with the other sister. MEL! MOVE CLOSER TO MEEEEE!!!!]

CoCo's new house is beautiful, and it already feels like a home. 
But Thursday was not the kind of day for staying inside. No no, Thursday was for being outside, in the beautiful sunshine, running and laughing and being entertained by LIFE. 
Their joy is inspiring, their laughter infectious. The stories they tell, and the random things that come out of Katie's mouth, are Genius. Their snuggles are some of the very best in the whole world. 

They are the best kind of therapy for anything that ails you.

[I know it's kind of evil to take pictures of him when he's crying, but he's such a cute crier!!!]

Loves the Momma.

Dance baby, dance.

They have taught me more about life then any of us will ever be able to teach them.
And, I am so thankful for every moment. 



Corinne said...


They've learned so much from you...and I'm MORE lucky to have you than you will ever know.

Thank you for the gorgeous pictures. Thank you for always being there...always.

I love you.

Melanie said...

oh, the jealousy I feel is palpable...what if you came to the boys baseball games on Saturday...I don't have a boyfriend anymore so I just get to go's kind of lonely.

I signed a 2 year lease!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't want the kiddos to have to move schools...I hated moving schools growing up. I'm just going to get used to driving and come to you two. I miss you, as always.