Friday, May 21, 2010


Last weekend Mark needed to do some shopping for a business trip to Seattle.
Sidenote: This is kind of a sore subject with me. While I am SO happy he had the opportunity to visit the great state of Washington for the first time, I was pretty much heartbroken that I wouldn't be going with him. My mother's entire family lives in the Pacific Northwest and while we visited practically yearly as kids, I have not been to see them in at least 6 years. And I miss it. BIG.

Moving on....

Lately I have been bored with the music in my current collection. [Which is like 30 cd's. shutup. I'm working on it.] And as we're heading out I mention that I want to run past our new favorite music store, 'The Exchange'. I have purchased multiple cd's here for CHEAP. Some of them used, which works just fine for me. It often feels like the goodwilling of music. You really have to sift and pay attention, but there are treasures there!
So before hitting the mall, Mark pulled into the strip mall parking lot of this store.
Except he didn't park in the right place.
I'm getting out of the truck, a confused look on my face, and he finally pipes up. 'Let's run into that bird store!'.  I roll my eyes, sigh, and agree.
Birds are not my favorite animals. They kind of freak me out, honestly.

We enter the store, and there are birdcages Everywhere. I'm shoving my clammy hands so far down into my jacket pockets, I'm afraid I might rip the seam. There are little birds, medium birds, big birds, and birds almost as big as me. [okay, that's an exaggeration, but whatever, the thing was cracking open a WALNUT with it's BEAK, what up DANGEROUS.]

There is a little girl walking around with a bird chilling on her shoulder and I'm about to have an anxiety attack just looking at it.
At this point I would obviously like to leave. Or hide.
No such luck, because shortly thereafter we came upon this:


World, meet Tookie. 
She is an almost one year old Amazon Tucuman.
And go figure, we somehow bonded IMMEDIATELY with the bird in the store that is described as "stubborn, headstrong, and shy around those it doesn't know".  
Except, she was letting Mark pet her. She was pushing her head down against the bars of her cage so he would rub her neck. And I took my clammy hands out of the depths of my pockets, and I touched her fluffy little neck. 
An employee walking by was mildly shocked that Tookie was being so friendly with us, and decided to get her out. Eventually she ended up hanging out on my arm for about 5 minutes, while I shook uncontrollably. 
But that was all it took. I was hooked. 
To an $850 bird, that is pretty much  an avian version of myself.

Even better, Mark loves her too.
This is all his fault for taking me in there in the first place!
He knows better than to let me get attached to an animal!

I went back to the store today. Eventually, after chatting with the very sweet 9 year old with the bird on her shoulder, I grew enough courage to ask one of the employees to assist me in getting Tookie out. She ended up on my arm after some warming up time, and her intelligence shocked me.
She continuously pulled at the left sleeve of my sweater with her beak. In the exact same spot the zipper [a toy to her] on my jacket had been the previous time we visited. 
The employee's say this is a good sign. That possibly she remembered me. That she is warming up. 

So, I've decided if I can't have her,
[because really, I can't. Birds are a huge commitment, and Amazons could live up to 50 years!!!]
then I will go to the bird store more frequently just to 'play' with her. Hopefully this will help her become more accustomed to people handling her. And even more hopefully that will lead to someone purchasing her. 

I guess I just thought you should know the back story before I start posting a bunch of pictures of a bird all over the place. :-]


Brooke said...

Super funny post. Glad to meet your new friend!

Melanie said...

One of my very good friends worked at an exotic pet store where they had weirdish birds and he fell in love with a parolet that wasn't hand-tamed. Unfortunately, the bird got so attached to him and bonded with him and would sit in his pocket and be hand-fed...until his grandmother bought the beautiful miniature parrot and she never got to touch it because it only loved him. My only point is...having a pet that will last for 50 years is kind of like having a 4 year old for 50 years's kind of cool. I love the way you write...I love how funny you are. I am so proud of you.