Friday, June 18, 2010

I know you've missed seeing him...

One of the many awesome things about Mark's Mom is that she kept TONS of Mark's childhood/teenage toys, memorabilia, and whatnot. Every time we see his family, we come home with another box of 80's goodness.
I'm talking everything from an original Nintendo system (with the original Mario, and Duck Hunt!!), to tiny Ford t-shirts, to a complete set of matchbox cars STILL in the now-vintage carrying case.

Oh, and the keyboard.
A Yamaha that Russell instantly claimed as his own.


-Fierce, Right?-

Well hey, so long as someone's using it while Mark figures out where the chord is!
[please do not look too closely at the background of the photos. my house is messy. I'm aware.]

Now I have to go find places to put all of this awesomeness.
We're running out of room in this place!!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

That cat is just eerily human. Maybe he was a piano player in a former life???

I <3 Russell.