Thursday, December 23, 2010

The day before the day before Christmas

Today went a little something like this...

Woke up to a solicitation call from Hilton at 9 am. Rude! Some of us like to sleep till 10! (I know - spoiled. But I took the day off!)
Target, then home for perishables. 
[Dear Target: I love you. Even though sometimes you're a pain in the ass. Sincerely, Me.]
Off to a hardware store, the mall *gasp*, and to pay for some really expensive gas. 
Back home to wrap presents and give Mark this:

Which he loved, and that made me Very happy.
(and Santa delivered the dvd A-Team which was actually a pretty good movie.)

We decided to celebrate Christmas early, as is my way. 
I suck at keeping surprises in other words. :)

My house is a disaster, and my sugar cookies turned out hard as bricks this year, 
but it's okay.
My presents are all wrapped - albeit imperfectly,
the fireplace is roaring, the tree is sparkling. 
I'm feelin' all kinds of Christmas spirit. 

I wish this kind of peace for every person in my life. 

Off for a glass of egg nog, now :)

P.S. We're looking for suggestions on how to season that dutch oven proper!


Corinne Taylor Montieth said...

I have no advice about how to season a dutch oven. Sorry. In fact, I'm not even sure I know why it's called a dutch oven. I'm cooking-challenged.

You do love to give, and I love that about you. You are thoughtful and you give with love. And that's the best kind of holiday spirit.

((thanks for having a crafty Christmas with post coming soon))

i simply adore you.

Mara said...

Jethro is jealous!

I hope you both had a Merry Christmas.<3