Monday, December 6, 2010

Things I learned in Utah*

*To be added to and edited :)

Cold is different there. It's not so... life sucking. 
A 5 degree sleeping bag is awesome. It's even more awesome if it's made by Mountain Hardware. (mine is not. Mark's is. )
3 degrees can feel like negative 10,000. 
Bad guys who shoot Park Rangers are LAME. 
60 mph winds WILL break a tent. (Not ours, but still.)
60 mph winds + rocks will also break the windows of a Kia. 
Chili is just as good for Thanksgiving as Turkey. 
The words "I can't" are no longer allowed to exist in one's vocabulary. 
Bourbon from a flask is better than bourbon from the bottle. 
Sand in everything is inevitable, no matter how carefully you plan or pack.
At least one person's car will break down at some point during the trip. 
More will break down after.
A 30 minute hike ALWAYS means an hour. Probably more. 
The sky is bigger, and Way better. 
Milt's has the best buffalo burgers, ever. 
5 days with no jumps = unhappy boys. 
1-800-Space Fire!
Sleeping on your side is not recommended if you do not have a sleeping mat. Whoa, hip muscle spasms!
Falling frequently and scraping a hole into your pinky knuckle...also, not recommended.
If you do not have experience rock climbing and haven't exercised since high school, don't go hiking into a slot canyon like you belong there. 
Cow poo is nature's duralog. 
It is 100% okay to use "Your Mom...." as a comeback, no matter what.
Snow is more beautiful, and therefore more acceptable, when it lands in the desert.
Snow is just as cold in the desert.
There are only two times of day in Utah: Daytime, and Nighttime
Tennis Shoes are not really appropriate. At all. One should probably invest in hiking boots [bewts :)]. [Not that I know from experience or anything.]
Utah is Beautiful. Always. No matter what.


Mara said...

hilarious. hahaha. You're awesome.

FYI, I got bewts. I have not used them yet, but they are here. I'll let you know how they work out. :)

Corinne Taylor Montieth said...

Things I've Learned from my Baby Sister:

(to be added to for many, many years)

-can't isn't an allowable word. Because the truth is, you've taught me that I can. And sometimes...just sometimes I believe that I can because of you.

-you clearly got your sardonic sense of humor from me (HA! j/ are way funnier than I am

-you (as well as Mark, but this isn't his blog), are one of the bravest, strongest people I know. Sometimes I am in awe of you.

-Although above said statement is true, please don't go propelling yourself down rocks and cliffs again. hello?!? they're called "loose ligaments" for a reason. You don't want "the boot" believe me. bad news bears, all around.

-Someday (when they're old enough, of course) I can't wait for you to tell my kids all about their awesome aunt britty and uncle mark and their adventures in wild places.

It's quite simple, really.
You're freaking awesome.
And, I love you.

Kristin said...

Sometimes it is the same vehicle that breaks down during and after the trip:/ It's a good car! I promise! We at least it is now.