Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bridge Day Twenty Ten DVD

This is the inside case of the Twenty Ten Bridge Day DVD
[available at JumpCuts < clicky]

And both of those photo's were taken by me. 
I have never been so proud, or so flattered. 

[One or two of the above are mine too (: ]

And it doesn't suck to have your name [all three of them] listed on the cover, either. Especially when it is surrounded by the names of so many talented people [like my boyfriend!]. 

Ben, who directed and edited the footage, is an amazing friend and I am incredibly thankful to him for using some of my photo's. 
Especially considering how BADASS the DVD is. 
No one will ever do a Bridge Day video like Ben, and I'm sure jumpers and jumper-enthusiasts everywhere are bummed to hear he won't be doing the 2011 video. 

So...What more incentive do you need? Go order one already!


Mara said...

Smiling for you right now. I already said it, but you're awesome!

love you, lady.

Corinne Taylor Montieth said...

You are an amazing person and an incredible photographer.

couldn't love you more.