Saturday, March 12, 2011


Some things in life are totally worth celebrating.
Your sister being accepted to nursing school is one of them. 
[That is, if your definition of celebrating equals Hungry Howie's pizza, dairy queen, and some liquor. haha. 

I am amazed and inspired by Corinne. 
She has taught me so many things. Above all, that change is possible. 
That while it may be terrifying, it makes you a stronger person.
And she has reinforced the fact that Taylor girls - we just won't give up.

My sister, she is one of the best Humans I know. And she will make an Incredible nurse.

Congratulations, and thank you for celebrating with us!

This is in retaliation to the ballerina picture you posted.
So...there! haha

I love laughing with you.

I believe in you.
To the moon and back. 


Mara said...

I am pretty sure that pizza, DQ and liquor equal the ONLY way to celebrate.

Miss you tall ladies.

Corinne Taylor Montieth said...

First of all...sister vibes are super cool, because I hadn't even read this when I wrote my post about YOU :)

Second of all, I'm bawling. Happy tears, of course, but bawling nonetheless.

Thank you for being proud of me.
Thank you for celebrating with me.
(BTW-Hungry Howies+DQ+Liquor=Best Celebrations EVER)

Thank you for never giving up on me, and always believing that I could do this.

I'm a better person because of you.

love, love, love, love you.