Friday, September 9, 2011

Funny stuff from this week

The other night I asked Mark for a kiss. He came towards me all sweet, and then punched me with the microwave door. [On accident, in case that wasn't obvious.] Now we're pretty certain I've got a broken nose.
[I was hopeful he broke it back to normal from an incident when I was a kid, but no such luck. Now it's just more crooked. And there's a lovely bump!]

We had new cable installed today and I almost googled "what am I supposed to do while the cable guy is here?". I restrained myself, but just barely. *

In the process of cleaning up our embarrassingly messy [clutter-y] house for the cable guy I had to 'hide' the following items:
A bullet proof vest
A [super weird looking] gas mask
A BB gun

We also discovered, for absolutely no reason, exactly how much stuff fits in our under-the-stairwell closet. Because we thought the cable guy might need to get in there. But he didn't. So now I have a living room full of Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, and stuff. A LOT of Stuff. My favorite box from the closet included:
Hand warmers
An old school Casio calculator
A headlamp
A baggy of screws [to what? we do not know.]
Random drawings [of what? we do not know.]

Also discovered - a foot high stack of pictures I had printed and forgotten about.

However, the new cable is awesome. So that's good.
Happy Weekend!

*In case you are wondering, I ended up lingering and hovering. It's kind of just what I do.

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Corinne Taylor Montieth said...

You make me laugh. And I awkward are cable guys?? I'm lucky to witness said "pile" and I must say it was electic and impressive :)

You should write more.
So should I.

Love you SO big.