Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Stern Look [and other ramblings]

My Mom has this look, it's a Very Stern Look.
When it's directed at you, it becomes incredibly clear that you should concede to her will.
I was a rather defiant child and found some kind of twisted enjoyment in laughing at The Look. I nearly always regretted this after the fact, but I'm also very stubborn / hard headed / dense.
I tried to give Mark The Stern Look the other night,
and he laughed at me.
Clearly I need to call Mom for advice on how to perfect The Look.

We had AT&T installed about a month ago. I made a call to customer service to chat about their auto pay service which has not yet withdrawn the funds for my bill. This bill being due today. I was told to give it a few days, not to worry about [HAH! These people clearly don't know me yet]. All of that is good in theory, but I have this terrible feeling I'm going to be calling back in a few days to listen to their AWFUL HOLD MUSIC and contest late charges. Totally not the point of this story.
SO, while we have enjoyed our new cable [hi 21st century. I like you.] the internet is a different story. It's slow, and frustrating, and randomly we lose service and IT'S REALLY FREAKING SLOW. I had not yet mentioned this as the internet is, of course, working beautifully today. Dude decides to tell me they have a Super Special! in MY area! for internet that's Twice As Fast! for 2 bucks less!
Can someone kindly explain to me why they didn't offer this twice-as-fast-internet when we signed up for service? Anyone care to elaborate on why it's 2 dollars less than the sloooowwww internet I currently have? And while we're at it, where's that $50 gift card the sales dude promised us?
But I didn't say any of these things. Because I'm kind of a pushover sometimes.
I think I used up all my nerve in my younger years.
Maybe that's why my Stern Look isn't working...

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