Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 things I learned this week that I think you should know too

1. If you habitually spill/splatter butter or oil on your nice, BRAND NEW shirts and can't seem to get those stains to disappear? Dish Soap. I do not lie. It even worked on a nice, BRAND NEW shirt, that I wore to Tosh, and then splattered butter all over while eating delicious mussels afterwards. [ McCormick & Schmicks I love you. And your blueberry mojitos. AND the mussels, duh.]
Oh, and I washed it before trying to treat it, which is a big NO NO apparently. A few dabs of dish soap, about 2 minutes [I'm impatient] and a little water, and *poof*. All appearances that you are a total klutz/slob have disappeared.
Maybe you already know this. If so, yay for you! If not, You're Welcome. :D

2. Note - This has absolutely nothing to do with the above.
If your stomach is really upset, and you decide it would be a good idea to take some pepto-bismol, even when you can't keep any liquid or food down, your tongue can, wait for it,
turn black.
And nothing will freak you out more then waking up with sore abs from puking [TMI? sorry. kind of.]  and going to brush your teeth and realizing your tongue suddenly has a mysterious black coating on it. To be fair, the box warns you of this [among other things], which prevented me from immediately calling my Dr. and, instead, immediately calling my Mom.
She probably told me to take some Vitamin C.

So, the lessons of the past week are - be messy, and avoid pepto-bismol because that is just WEIRD.

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