Monday, July 8, 2013


Long time, no write.

I forgot (for a while) that this blog is for me, and not for anyone else, and I let that scaredy cat feeling of other people reading keep me from posting.

So, here we go again. But with some semblance of structure (even though it likely won't last, because really? do you know who is writing this?)

Currently listening to:

Lorde - Royals (with lyrics)
 "You can call me Queen B" (wink, smile, serious face)
I first heard this on 92.3 (Indy people, you know what I'm talking about) - and thought it was Emily Wells, except I knew it wasn't.
(note to self: post about seeing Emily Wells live)

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
I can't get over this song. When it plays on the radio I dance in my car. And I don't dance. Ever. Everything about it (except the video) reminds me of NY. Which is ridiculous because this band is from LA. So what the hell are they singing about Sweater Weather for anyways? (It should be noted that I've never been to LA, so perhaps they DO have sweater weather. I don't know. Do you hear me, MARK?!)
Anyways, not important (or at least mostly not important...). The album was $8.99 on iTunes. Worth every penny.

It should be noted that I had no idea The Postal Service re-released Give Up as a Deluxe Edition (= Give Up, PLUS 15!!, even though some are the same, just and perhaps slightly different) back in APRIL. Clearly I am behind the news, as usual. Haven't purchased yet, but on the list.

Currently reading:

The textbooks for my Life & Health Licensing Exam. Who doesn't do well with tests, especially multiple choice? THIS GIRL! My class is at the end of this month, and my exam shortly before my birthday. Read: MUST PASS EXAM.

Currently cooking:

I don't think 'icicle pickles' count as cooking, but there is brining and vinegar-ing and potential CANNING going on in my house. Whoa.

See also: in love with our Farmer's Market and the fresh pasta we're having for dinner because of it's gloriousness.

LOVE to you.

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Corinne Taylor Montieth said...

I quite simply adorable you.
And I love when you write.