Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Copyright: MARK

I would like to say, first and foremost, that I cannot take credit for a single one of these photos.
In fact, I wasn't even in the same state as the photo - taker when they were taken.
Also, in fact, I find the underwater camera equipment is a bit too much for me. I mean, you have to remember to breathe, keep your buoyancy, watch out for scary stuff, pay attention to your air supply and the direction of your travel, AND operate a camera?!?
I am obviously too simple-minded.
However, my talented boyfriend is not. In fact, I think he lives to add complication to things. Thus producing amazing results.
See below for a very limited variety of the photographs he recently took on his trip to Florida. 
Come over to my house to see them displayed all over the walls. :)

Turtles are AWESOME.
(and all I can think of when I see this picture is "Duuuuude", you either get it. or you dont.)

Mark tagged this little guy "Nemo", just for me. 

Safety Stop

A land photo!!!

This is why I scuba dive.
(even though I have never dove in water that wasn't a quarry or spring, haha)

I have so much inspiration all around me.
and in spite of some not so awesome circumstances occurring in my life right now, I need to remember to take advantage. 
Here's to remembering.
Here's to Mark. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


There are a few things that happen when I get stressed out.
1. My house cleaning abilities, and motivation, fly out the window.
2. I become somewhat lethargic and spend lots of time staring at walls and giving myself ulcers.
3. I avoid talking to people.

Last Thursday I was in my first car accident.
I won't go into details here, but suffice it to say I was very much NOT at fault.
Unfortunately, the other driver has caused me some serious stress, and I am still (one week and a day later) without a drivable vehicle, or any foreseeable solution. (Her insurance company has STILL not contacted me.)

For some reason, this car does not seem to be bringing me the best of luck.

Anyways, I'm sorry to all of those I have 'checked out' on during the past week. Among other things, I do not enjoy being without my Ginger, and I really hate getting up at 5:30 so that Mark can get to work on time. (Although I sincerely appreciate how wonderful he has been to me, and for never being mad he has to chauffeur me around.)

And...Quite frankly, I'm a little bit grumpy, so you probably don't want to talk to me anyways. ;)

Poor Ginger...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miss Ava Kate

One thing Mark and I have always been good at sharing, is family.
My nephews and nieces taught me how to love, in a way I did not know myself capable of.
And it inspires me to watch him not only fall in love with my nephews and nieces (and family in general), but with his niece as well.
[Plus, she's just adorable!]

Mark's Birthday Dinner


Ava's Photo Shoot

"who, me?"

Ava's Daddy taught her how to do this!


Blue Eyes that match her Papaw's

Loving on Papaw

Love those pigtails!!

Catch Me Mark!