Saturday, November 28, 2009

A no photo post

Mark returns from his 10 day trip tomorrow, with our camera and card reader. 
I have missed all three,  although it's a tie between Mark and the camera for 'missed the most'. (kidding, sweetie!)
I do have a few pictures to post of everything that has been going on the past week or so (taken with my horrible quality Olympus), but can't as I have no clue where the original cord is. 
So you get words instead!

My Mom did an incredible job with Thanksgiving, as always. It was nice to be with almost the whole family. Corinne, KJ, Carter, and Eric were very much missed. 
I especially loved having so much time with my amazing nephews. It made me miss when I lived just down the street, and spent more time at their house then my own. Some much needed snuggle time was fulfilled with Brady, and I got to catch up with everything that is going on in Robbie and Jacob's life. I don't know who told them they could grow up, but it definitely was NOT me. I hope they know how amazing I think they are. And that they never grow too old for me to hold and kiss them.

After visiting with Melanie, I stayed up way too late talking with my little brothers. Every second I am around my family, I am reminded how lucky I am to have four very unique siblings. Time spent with each one of them is truly a treasure.  
Mom woke me up at 4:30!!!! the next morning and we braved the crowds for black Friday shopping. Despite some stupidity at K-Mart, and me losing my patience a time or two, we made out with some incredible deals and at least a few people crossed off my list (of 20 people!!!). 

Today I spent the day with my Daddy and Bev, helping them decorate the house and set up the tree for Christmas. There is nothing I love more then unpacking box upon box of Christmas tree ornaments and decorations and filling the tree with so many colors and memories. I even made out with a few new-to-me ornaments for our tiny tree at home, as they had way too many for their own tree!
During all of the unpacking, I found a picnic basket full of old photo albums. There were a few photos of me and my sisters that I had never seen before, as well as some photos of my Dad that were a gentle (hah) reminder of what a nerd he is, and of where I get my good looks. I don't think I realized how much I look like him, until I saw pictures of the two of us, around age 2 or 3, next to each other. Talk about clones!!! 
(And speaking of clones, there was a picture of Melanie that could have easily been mistaken for Robbie, were it not for the perm and stick-on earring decorated glasses. LOVE YOU MEL!!!)
I will be scanning these photos and posting them in all their geeky glory for your viewing pleasure in the near future. 

All in all, these past few days off have been such a reminder of how blessed I am. As cliche as it is to say, I have so much to be thankful for. 
Our family may not always get along, and we definitely do not always agree. But there is always Love. And to me, that's what counts the most.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


...that make this nasty, rainy, COLD weather bearable:

the 2009 Christmas Tree ornament
[how cute is he?!]

a new rug, 
and Russell thinking he is hiding from me

[have I mentioned how much I love my fireplace? no?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall 2009

I am practically drowning in inspiration.
How can I be so elated this time of year, and so very very miserable when winter comes?
Here's for eliminating winter all together.

It looks as though there are a lot of leaves left....

...until you look at our front yard.

Russell only drinks the best.

Couldn't survive without this fireplace.

Yah, our cat isn't fat at all!

It's not what it looks like!
Okay. It's exactly what it looks like.
 [And don't you let him fool you for a second.
He LIVES for the attention]

Lazy Russ.

Watching Mark, standing behind me.
He watches his every move.
It's kind of ridiculous.

One of my very favorite Christmas gifts Ever.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Live with Intention

live with intention.
walk to the edge.
listen hard.
practice wellness.
play with abandon.
choose with no regret.
continue to learn.
appreciate your friends.
do what you love.
live as if this is all there is.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NPUAO: Part 1, Chicago

Never Pass Up An Opportunity.

Believe it or not, I did try to edit these down. For the full collection, friend me on facebook. 

On Saturday afternoon, Mark arrived home from work and suggested a random and much needed trip to Chicago. I was all for it, and no more than 2 hours later we were in the car and on our way...

I made Mark start driving shortly before we got to Chicago. I don't do tolls, and I hate driving crowded streets. He, however, is the Master. 

Our pretty hotel room, with really really crappy internet.

Me: "The windows only open that far for a reason, Mark. Don't you even THINK ABOUT IT!!!"

Don't even ask...

I love this man.

Mere minutes before witnessing a VERY public domestic argument.
We didn't watch. Or laugh.

Patron Silver is expensive.
And worth it. 

People Watchers Anonymous.

I love this thing. It inspires me.

Can you find me?

Dunkin Donuts <3

If you know Mark, you know he is probably one of the most intensely aware people to ever exist. So it was quite a surprise when seconds after I took this he...

ran into the pole in the bottom left of this photo.
Definitely a first, and something I will be reminding him of FREQUENTLY.

We intended to go to the Museum of Science and Industry. We ended up at the Field Museum. We made the best of it. 
This is Sue.
And yeah, I think dinosaurs are really, really cool.
Disturbing. (Please click to make bigger, and read.)

Screensaver material.
"...from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved."


The outside of The Field Museum. We spent 4 hours inside, and while we saw it all, we could have easily spent DAYS. A good place to go with kiddo's. 

Live Every Moment.